I was the front-end web developer at Madewell since 2010. In the beginning, all branding and editorial stories were built in Flash. As the years went by, I transitioned all Flash based pages and modules over to jQuery. When the company migrated to Salesforce Business Manager (Site Genesis), the focus turned to static html.

Languages and tools I'm using

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The build process I use

I first break down the design into small repeatable chunks. My JSON file will hold all content including text, images, product codes, and URLs. Running Gulp takes data from the JSON and loops through the included Pug templates to generate static HTML files as well as new CSS or JS.

Receive designs

Invision or XD layouts


Look for repeatable sections

Organize data

Create data file for content extracted from designs

Code modules

Write Pug templates that loop through JSON data

Build code

Run Gulp to compile all html, css, and js code

Deliver page

Upload final static files to server or CMS

View my code in Bitbucket:

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At Madewell, I maintained the homepage, style stories, seasonal campaigns, collaboration pages, PDP and category modules, in-store displays, blog stories, and much more. That’s over 2,000 pages throughout the last decade.

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 Click here to view an archive of Madewell pages i've worked on dating back the last three years.

This is a small collection of web projects I worked on during the early 2000's.