As a 2nd grader, I attended a field trip to the outdoor learning center in my area. After our little excursion, the counselor asked us to draw something that stood out to us while we were out on the trail. I drew a snake. The counselor reached out to my mom (the school secretary) afterward and told her that I had the makings of a true artist. From that point on I began:

I continue to practice all of these disciplines. I find that each skill feeds the other. Playing drums serves web development, as several elements and processes must come together and work in harmony to achieve the final result. Functions and styling used in web development work in a similar fashion to scripting in After Effects or texturing in 3D. Screen printing is all about mattes, masking, and overlays, which is so much of what you need to know to be a good compositor. A strong foundation in illustration, skateboarding, and music help to bring emotion and a point of view to the work I do. More than anything comes the belief that problems can always be solved.