I’ve been working in 3D for 22 years. I started with 3Ds Max, then transitioned to Cinema 4D for its mograph tools. Recently, I’ve been using Unreal Engine to render. UE is now a key step in the production pipeline, and I’m here for it.

Programs I use

Click to open PDF with the breakdown of my roles in each project.

Rokoko Perfect Loop Challenge Judging:

Watch the judges (Gavin Shapiro, Todd Blankenship, Michael Maher & Sam Lazarus) give there critique on my submission. This was a fun project to work on, and i really appreciated what they had to say!

Relighting Study:

Testing out the new AI relighting tool by Beeble.

3D and FX Compositing

Below ia a mix or personal exercises and music video projects. These are examples of me kind of "stretching my toes" so to speak.

play_circle_filled Click thumbnails to play/pause loops.

Mystery Nutcracker Theater (excerpt)

During the pandemic while theaters were closed, Final Bow for Yellowface (founded by Phil Chan and Georgina Pazcoguin) decided to present a version of The Nutcracker for the holiday season. Their mission is to advocate for the elimination of offensive racial stereotypes in the ballet. This production featured Chinese shadow puppets in place of the familiar silhouettes from Mystery Science Theater 3000. Phil and Gina with the help of Josie Harrison, a podcast host and the mother of comedian Jo Koy, discuss whether the 1984 Ballet West production of The Nutcracker is racist.