I really enjoy editing video, especially when there is something that needs to be “fixed”. Telling a story is fun, and the cherry on top is the satisfaction of saving a clip that is vital to the story. Sometimes accidents happen and other times there just isn’t enough time on set to get everything perfect. I love taking on a compositing challenge!

Programs I use

My editing workflow

Many of my projects need to have a 30sec, 15sec, 7sec, and 6sec edit to cover Hulu, YouTube, and other outlets. After reviewing storyboards and binning footage, I’ll remix the music selection to fit the different edit lengths. As I finesse the story I’ll set up After Effects comps for corrections. I feel that my biggest strength is being able to composite elements in or out of a shot. In fashion, there are often hem extensions on clothing that needs to be removed.

Receive storyboards

Hand drawn or screenshot selects

Bin clips

Organize and label clips in NLE

Remix music

Trim music to fit a variety of delivery lengths

Cut and FX

Edit clips and add compositing to develop the story

Share reviews

Present edits and provide revisions

Deliver video

Upload final videos in all requested formats

Madewell campaign videos

Below is a small selection of campaign videos I’ve edited for Madewell.


Click thumbnails to view on Madewell's YouTube Channel.

3D and FX Compositing

3D is such a nice skill to develop. It opens up so many possibilities. I started with 3Ds max in 2003 and moved over to Cinema 4D 2010. 3D is so fun, but it’s not how far your imagination can take you…it’s how far you can get with the number of render cores you have. Wink, wink.


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I recently started using Spark AR: